Delsys Family of Products

Complete Solutions for Human Movement

Delsys EMG systems have made homes in research and clinical institutions across the globe because they are reliable, easy to use, and provide maximum value for human movement recordings. From traditional desktop EMG devices to advanced wireless EMG+IMU and grid systems, the Delsys product family uses research-based proprietary technology, ensuring accurate, high-quality results every single time.


Trigno Wireless System

Trigno™ Avanti Platform
A trusted brand for reliable EMG & Neural Firings recording for research, medical, educational and OEM applications

Trigno Avanti Mobile

Trigno™ Avanti Mobile
On-the-go tools for research, clinic, and teaching

Trigno Avanti Sensor

Trigno™ EMG & Additional Sensors
Specifically designed to address the challenges of EMG studies

Trigno Galileo Sensor

NeuroMap System
Hybrid Technology delivering an Integrated Approach for monitoring Human Neuromotion

New generation wireless 64–channel HD-sEMG array system designed for mobility.

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Bagnoli™ Desktop System
Fueling EMG research applications since 1993

Bagnoli Desktop System orders are no longer being accepted. Please contact to service existing equipment or to upgrade to a Trigno system.



Flexibility and features to bring research ideas into reality.

Mobile EMG Suite

Mobile EMG Suite
Monitor Muscle Performance and Recovery. Anytime. Anywhere.


Each Delsys system offers unique integration paths to a variety of third-party hardware and software platforms. For specific details regarding an integration setup, please contact

Delsys API Platform

Build & Integrate Trigno™ Avanti Biofeedback System

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Delsys API

Software Development Kit

Enables Programmers and Developers to create specialized software for visualizing or processing surface EMG and other physiological data.

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Trigger Module

Designed in order to facilitate connections to the Trigger Port.

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Trigger Module

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