EMG Sensors

Trigno Avanti Sensor

  • Gait

The gold standard for surface EMG+IMU measurements.

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Trigno Galileo Sensor

  • Motor Control

Grid array sensor for extracting motor unit data.

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Trigno Maize Sensor

  • Dynamic movements

This 16-ch HDsEMG sensor delivers multi-point EMG recordings of muscles in real-time during dynamic movements.

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Trigno Mini Sensor

  • Finger

1-ch mini EMG + IMU sensor

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Trigno Duo Sensor

  • Hand/Forearm

2-ch mini EMG + IMU sensor

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Trigno Quattro Sensor

  • Face

4-ch mini EMG + IMU sensor

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Trigno Snap Lead Sensor

  • Customizable electrode distance

Connect to industry-standard pinch electrodes, for a more “traditional” approach to sEMG detection.

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On-board IMU

Selectable EMG bandwidth settings

Up to 8 hours of operation

Bluetooth compatibility

AUX Sensors

Trigno Analog Input Adapter

  • Synchronization

Integrate analog outputs from dynamometers and third-party equipment.

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Trigno 4-Ch FSR Adapter

  • Gait and jumping

Designed to provide relative pressure-timing information.

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Trigno Goniometer Adapter

  • Rehabilitation and gait

Connect goniometers to measure joint angles.

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Trigno Load Cell Adapter

  • Force measurements

Connect Interface load cells to measure force.

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Trigno EKG Biofeedback Sensor

  • Sports Science

Easily add EKG signal recording to your physiological measurements.

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Button-less operation

Improved RF performance

LED status indicators

Selectable EMG bandwidth settings