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One system. Versatile tools. Complete view of human neuromotion.

A versatile software suite that provides powerful tools for seamless acquisition and analysis of sEMG, motor unit, and kinematic data for an integrated study of the coordination of brain-muscle network.

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Integrated Sensor Modalities

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Sensor Types

EMGworks® Acquisition and Analysis

Powerful tool for hassle-free acquisition of EMG and movement data that features advanced and user-friendly interfaces for data visualization and analysis.

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NeuroMap Explorer & Reports

For advanced analysis routines and publication quality data presentation tailored to the investigation of neural firing behavior.

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Kinematic Analysis

Kinematic Analysis

Combine EMG and neural firing data with kinematic information from third-party system for bridging neural control and motor function through a variety of integrated applications.

STT Systems | The Motion Monitor


NeuroMap can be used in conjunction with our API allowing user’s custom-built software to control and acquire data from the system.

NeuroMap can also be used with any commercially-available research and clinical tools. A listing of third party platform that can integrate seamlessly with NeuroMap can be found here.

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Delsys API

NeuroMap Explorer