Delsys Education Team

Sharing Knowledge Globally in 88 Countries

Delsys Education Team has decades of combined experience; providing fresh research and insight on the neuromuscular system through on-site workshops and “customer-centric” training in different regions all over the world. Training and workshops are a fast, free and easy way to improve upon your field of interest.

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Serge Roy, PhD
Director of Research

Paola Contessa, Ph.D.
Assistant Director of Research

Joshua C. Kline, Ph.D.
Vice President of Delsys
President of Altec

Gianluca De Luca
President of Delsys

Bryan Heiderscheit, Ph.D.
Advisor to Education Team

Prof. Jim Richards

Jim Richards, Ph.D.
Advisor to Education Team

Cara E. Stepp, Ph.D.
Advisor to Education Team

Michael Chan
Research Engineer

Nicholas Ducey
Sales Manager – South Pacific, Middle East, & Africa

Brian Lewis
Director of Sales (US)

Steven Lindley, Ph.D.
Delsys European Manager

Todd Shewman
Vice President of Global Sales

Bhawna Shiwani
Research Engineer

Claire Mitchell
Research Assistant

Michael Twardowski
Lead Research Systems Engineer

Jennifer Vojtech
Research Scientist