Trigno Maize

16-ch semi HDsEMG Trigno Avanti sensors delivering data-driven images of muscles in real time during dynamic movements.

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high-density sEMG sensor


patented active EMG electrodes


for high spatial resolution


muscle activity mapping

Sensor Package Options

Flexible setups for every application from lab to clinic

1 – Sensor

Monitor subtle changes in regional muscle activation that may hold important clues for understanding motor control, rehabilitation and neuromuscular disease.

2 – Sensors

Assess muscle co-activation across active muscle regions for a more comprehensive view of muscle fatigue and movement quality.

4 – Sensors

Create custom configurations and map muscle activity across the body for new insights into the alteration of human movement strategies due to pain, work and training.

Open-Source Hardware + API

Integrate Trigno Maize HDsEMG data into custom applications

Delsys API

What’s Included in the Trigno Maize System

1, 2 or 4 wireless Maize sensors
Trigno Acquisition Base Station
EMGworks software for acquiring sEMG signals
Maize software for processing map muscle activity
Delsys API

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