Trigno Link

Combine EMG Technology

With current laboratory and clinical standards of assessment

EMG + Force Feedback

Monitor strength performance with dynamometers

EMG + Gait Analysis

Investigate gait events using pressure insoles

EMG + Metabolic Measurements

Explore cardiovascular effects of movement

Compatible Devices

The Trigno Link module works in synchrony with BLE or ANT+ devices

Device What is Measured? How is it Measured? How does it Connect?
JAMAR Grip strength Dynamometer BLE
Moticon Pressure, Force, Timing, Motion Pressure Sensors, 6-axis IMU BLE
Moxy Monitor Muscle oxygenation Near-infrared spectroscopy ANT+ or BLE
Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor Heart rate Electrocardiogram ANT+ or BLE
Wahoo Speed and cadence 3-axis accelerometer ANT+ or BLE
VO2 Master Oxygen consumption, respiratory frequency Open-circuit spirometry ANT+ or BLE
Shimano Dura-Ace Power meter Force and cadence ANT+ or BLE

Our Trigno EMG Technology

Specifically designed for a range of human movement studies, the Trigno Wireless EMG System offers users a full set of physiological and biomechanical sensors to simplify complex research and provide data of the highest quality.

Precise Measurements
Capture muscle activity and movement data that is accurate and reliable

Patented Technology
Collect data with patented parallel-bar wireless EMG sensors and advanced RF performance

Trigno Avanti Mobile, Mobile EMG Suite and JAMAR Dynamometer

Integrate with 3rd-Party Platforms
Hardware triggering, analog outputs, or software pathways including the API, SDK, and plugins

Inclusive Modes
Record in research labs, clinical settings, sports facilities, or classrooms

Sophisticated Software
Stream data to established software with biofeedback tools and comprehensive analysis

Collect Real-time Data

Trigno Discover

A unified software platform for real-time recordings

Simplified Setup
Basic and advanced settings with autocomplete options

All-in-one Display
View data from Trigno and 3rd-party systems

Delsys API

A development tool for integration

On Demand Code
Extensive knowledge-based resources and example codes

Cross-Platform Compatibility

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