Delsys Virtual Workshop Series Contest

Win a NeuroMap System & Collaborate with Leading Movement Science Experts

This contest is in conjunction with our April 28, 2021 virtual workshop and open to all workshop registrants.

Deadline: Thursday, 22nd April 2021 at 11:59 PM EDT.

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This is an opportunity for a movement science professional to immediately incorporate cutting-edge EMG technology, highlighted in Delsys workshops, into their work.


Donation requests can be submitted by students, employees, or faculty members affiliated with an academic, clinical, athletic/performance, or research institution. The program is open to institutions worldwide. Excluded from participation are employees, consultants, and members of Delsys, and their immediate relatives.

Proposals will only be considered from individuals who register for the workshop, “Wireless sEMG Galileo Grid Sensor: Real-world Isometric and Dynamic Movement Applications” Register here.


The selected recipient will receive the following equipment:

  • 2-Sensor NeuroMap System
    • Trigno Analog + Digital Base Station, 2x Trigno Galileo Sensor, NeuroMap Software, 2x Trigno Sensor Skin Interface (80/pk), 2x Trigno Galileo Sensor Skin Interface (80/pk), USB Cable (5 ft.), EMGworks 4.x Pro License, Open-End Analog Output Cable for Trigno (1m) & User’s Guide.
  • 20 hours of collaboration time with leading movement science professionals
  • 5 minute presentation slot during the upcoming workshop, to present their project proposal and intended implementation of the donated equipment

Paola Contessa
Assistant Director of Research
Delsys and Altec

Prof. Jim Richards

Jim Richards
Professor in Biomechanics
University of Central Lancashire

Matt Stock
Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
University of Central Florida


Potential applicants must first register for the upcoming virtual workshop, “Wireless sEMG Galileo Grid Sensor: Real-world Isometric and Dynamic Movement Applications” Register here.

Next, applicants should complete the Donation Request Form.

Applications will be accepted until  11:59 PM EDT Thursday, April 22nd, 2021.

Applications must include a 1-page project proposal, as well as 1-3 slides for a 5-minute presentation during the workshop (if selected), highlighting the applicant’s intended implementation for the donated equipment.

Applications will be reviewed internally, and a decision will be announced by 5:00 PM EDT Monday, April 26th, 2021.

Application evaluations will consider:

  • Intended use of the 2-Sensor NeuroMap System, and how motor unit information will inform the application more than a typical sEMG signal
  • Impact and usefulness of the intended application
  • Clarity of proposal

Equipment awarded will be disbursed to the department of the academic institution to which the applicant is affiliated. Taxes, duties, and applicable fees are to be paid by the recipient.

Additional Terms

Delsys reserves the right to advertise the recipients’ use and implementation of the EMG equipment, including but not limited to: News media publications, print materials, online announcements, and email notifications.

Credit to Delsys shall be expressed by the recipient, where applicable (i.e. classroom presentation / syllabus, poster presentation, etc.). Please contact us at for an official statement to include.


Please reach out to us a with any questions.

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