On July 6th 2014, the 7th World Congress of Biomechanics (WCB) in Boston featured a Delsys sponsored workshop, Bridging Motor Control and Biomechanics: What does Sensor Technology Offer?

Over 150 researchers and students attended the workshop organized by Professors Carlo J. De Luca, Serge H. Roy, Paola Contessa (Boston University, USA) and Dr. Shey-Sheen Chang (Delsys Inc.).

Professor De Luca presented the latest advances in sensor technology that offer new possibilities for applying biomechanics and motor control in new areas of investigation.

Gianluca De Luca, Vice President of Product Development of Delsys Inc., introduced the much anticipated Trigno™ IM sensor technology, which allows synchronous recording of wireless surface EMG and inertial measurements, and the Trigno™ Mini sensors, for recording from small and difficult-to-reach muscles.

Professors De Luca and Contessa introduced technological advances in dEMG™ system for the decomposition of the surface EMG into individual motor units, which provides an innovative approach for motor control studies.