Internships and Co-Ops

Sales/Technical Support Engineer

We are seeking an ambitious entry-level sales/tech engineer to join team to support to support the newly released products (Trigno™ Avanti Research+ and Mobile). The position will be expose qualified candidates to sales development, technical support, quality assurance, and R&D.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Communicate product, promotion, and technical information with customers
  • Prepare/file sales documents
  • Update managers with written action summaries
  • Analyze market/competition
  • Maintain, update, and review customer database
  • Work closely with support team to troubleshoot hardware/software
  • Collaborate with engineers/support team to remain up-to-date on hardware/software features
  • Work closely with sales/tech support teams in organizing customer installations/feedback
  • Develop technical documentation

Required Qualifications

The Candidate must:

  • Be currently enrolled in or have recently completed an undergraduate degree program in engineering or health sciences.
  • Have laboratory expertise in the field of biomechanics, sports science, engineering or kinesiology.
  • Have a strong command of written/spoken English

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