Mobile EMG Suite

EMG Plots

Variety of biofeedback modules for data collection, making it easy to visualize and understand muscle performance.

Preview of EMG Plots

Anatomical muscle display

IMU data circular display

Data export and PDF report

Seamlessly visualize EMG + IMU data in real-time for an immediate assessment of muscle and movement performance.

EMG Plots - Module: Plot

Simple to use biofeedback modules provide target muscle activation tasks for training and therapy exercises.

EMG Plots - Module: Compare

Ensure high-quality recordings in any situations using the real-time signal quality check for accurate and reliable outcome measures.

Preview of Signal Quality Monitor in EMG Plots



  • Recommended Devices
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (for EMG Plots, EMG Reports, Trigno Hand Performance Monitor)

  • Android 6.0 and above

  • Bluetooth 4.1 and above

  • Up to 4 EMG channels

  • Sampling rates
    EMG (raw): 1000 Hz
    EMG (RMS): 333.3 Hz (125 ms Window Width, 122 ms Window Overlap)
    ACC: 133.3 Hz
    Gyro: 133.3 Hz
    Orientation (Quaternion or PRY): 66.7 Hz

  • Works with Avanti, Mini, Quattro sensors