Bagnoli Desktop System

Fueling EMG research applications since 1993

The Bagnoli™ Desktop System is a traditional analog research tool that uses high-quality electronics, selectable gain settings, and specialized EMG filters for high-quality EMG recordings. Our 8- and 16-channel amplifiers can connect to any general data acquisition boards, making EMG acquisition and third-party integration hassle-free and reliable.

Bagnoli Desktop System orders are no longer being accepted. Please contact to service existing equipment or to upgrade to a Trigno system.
Subject with Bagnoli™ surface EMG sensor

Selectable Gains and Optimal Bandwidths

Built-in Signal Quality Check

IEC601-1 Medical Standards

CE Mark, 510 K Clearance

Bagnoli™ Surface EMG Sensor

Constructed with patented technology, these systems use our innovative parallel-bar EMG sensors and include an array of features designed to make EMG recordings effortless and consistent.

Bagnoli™ Surface EMG Sensor

Unique parallel bar geometry ensures consistency across measurements

1 cm spacing is optimal for full-bandwidth signal detection

Fixed inter-sensor distance minimizes amplitude and temporal variability across measurements



Users Guide
Bagnoli™ 16 8
Main Amplifier Dimensions 406 x 152 x 71 mm 205 x 108 x 57 mm
Input Module Dimensions 89 x 83 x 32 mm 89 x 83 x 32 mm
Input Module Mass 100 g 100 g
No. of Inputs 16 EMG/Auxiliary 8 EMG/Auxiliary
Input Module Cable Length 7.5 m (up to 15m) 7.5 m (up to 15m)
Input Module Cable Diameter 6.5 mm 6.5 mm
Overall EMG Amplification 100,1000,10000 ±1% 100,1000,10000 ±1%
EMG Bandwidth 20-450 Hz ±10% 20-450/Hz ±10%
AUX Bandwidth DC/20-450/2000 Hz ±10% DC/20-450/2000 Hz ±10%
Bandwidth Rolloff 80 dB/decade 80 dB/decade
Overall Noise ≤ 1.2 uV(RMS, R.T.I) ≤ 1.2 uV(RMS, R.T.I)
Leakage Current < 100 uA < 100 uA
Voltage Isolation 6000 VDC, 4200 VAC (RMS) 6000 VDC, 4200 VAC (RMS)



DE – 2.1

Single Differential

Number of Contacts

Contact Dimensions
10.0 x 1.0 mm

Contact Spacing
10 mm

Contact Material
99.9% Ag

Case Dimensions
41 x 20 x 5 mm

Case Material

Cable Length
1.67 m

Detection Area
10 mm

Hypertronics D04

Temperature Range
0-40° C

Preamplifier Gain
10 VN ±1%

20-450 Hz

1.2uV (RMS, R.T.I.)

(6/10Hz) -92 dB (typical)