A Tribute to Professor De Luca’s Dream

Like any products with strong commercial history, Delsys technology is based on the time-tested premise: “First make it work, then make it better” The dEMG system is one such textbook example and we’re pleased to continue moving the needle for dEMG technology.

With the end of 2017 in sight, we are happy to report:

  • Growth in employee base
  • Double-digit revenue growth
  • Release of Trigno™ Avanti Wearable Sensor System
  • Ground-breaking scientific publications and presentations

In 2018, we’re looking forward to:

  • Releasing Trigno™ Wireless “dEMG Array Sensor
  • Releasing “Dynamic Decomposition” for motor unit measurements
  • Releasing Trigno™ Gradient Sensor
  • Revenue and personnel growth in Europe and Asia
  • New contracts and grants from NIH and other federal funding agencies

Thanks to our clients and colleagues in helping us move forward.

Happy holidays.


Devi De Luca
Delsys | Altec