Trigno Research+

Advancing research possibilities with wearable solutions for human movement assessments

With built-in WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, this dual-purpose system enables you to record EMG + movement data from anywhere and at any time. Leveraging these abilities makes the system the optimal indoor/outdoor tool for both advanced research and mobile clinical conditions.

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Trigno Wireless System

A high-performing device designed to make EMG signal detection reliable and easy.

The system is capable of streaming data digitally into EMGworks®, third-party software, or via analog outputs for integration with motion capture and other third-party data acquisition systems. Full triggering features further expand integration options for additional measurement technologies.

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Trigno Wireless System

Research Mode

Trigno Research+: Research Mode

Mobile Mode

Trigno Research+: Mobile Mode
  • Wireless Communication: Bluetooth

  • Record and analyze data with Mobile EMG Suite

  • Compatible with Trigno Avanti, Quattro, other latest-gen Trigno sensors

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Trigno Avanti Sensor

Advancing the Trigno™ Platform for years to come

Our latest generation wireless sensor combines patented EMG with increased IMU performance, while supporting both Research and Mobile data collection modes.

Trigno Avanti Sensor

Button-less Operation

Improved RF Performance

On-board IMU

LED Status indicators

Selectable EMG Bandwidth Settings

On-board Signal Processing

Trigno EMG
& Additional Sensors

Combine. Collect. Analyze.

Specifically designed to complement EMG + movement studies, the Trigno™ product line offers users a full set of physiological and biomechanical monitoring tools to simplify complex research and provide more useful data.

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Person with Trigno Avanti and Trigno Mini sensors on arm and hand.

System Requirements

Windows PC

  • EMGworks 4.4 or later

  • Windows 7, 8.1, 10

  • One USB 2.0 port

  • At least 2.0 GHz processor clock speed

  • At least 2 GB system memory

  • 1280×1024 (SXGA) display resolution or better

  • 50 GB hard disk storage (minimum)

Android Device

  • Android V 6 (Marshmallow) operating system

  • BLE 4.2 support

  • RAM 1GB minimum

  • Storage 8 GB minimum

  • Screen Resolution 2048×1536 (recommended)

  • Recommended Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T713NZKEXAR)
    8-inch screen, 32 GB, WI-FI


Sensor Channels
1x EMG, up to 6x IMU

Reference Type
Dual on-board stabilizing reference

Inter-Electrode Spacing
10 mm

Size (Body)
27 x 37 x 13 mm

14 g

Operating Range
40 m in RF mode
Host Dependent/unlimited datalogger

Wireless Protocol
-2.400-2.483 GHz ISM Band,Proprietary RF Protocol
-BLE V4.2

EMG Bandwidths
10-850 Hz
20-450 Hz

EMG Sampling Rate (Max)
4370 sa/sec

Accelerometer Sampling Rate (Max)
963 sa/sec

Gyroscope Sampling Rate (Max)
741 sa/sec

Orientation Sampling Rate (Max)
222 sa/sec

Sensor Resolution
16 bits

EMG Baseline Noise (typical)
750 nV

EMG Input Range
11 mV / 22 mV rti

<-80 dB

Battery Life
Up to 8 hours

Recharge Time (typical)
2.5 hours

Inter-Sensor Latency
< 1 sampling period

EMG Analog Output Delay
48 ms Fixed

ACC/Gyro Analog Output Delay
96 ms Fixed

On-Board EMG Filter
-Butterworth bandpass (40/80 dB/dec)
-RMS Envelope Calculation (100 ms window)

Real-Time IMU Orientation Filter
Quaternions or RPY (selectable)

Medical Grade Polycarbonate

Seal and Protection
UV-sealed to prevent moisture from entering the sensor & to enhance patient safety

Protected by one or more of the following Patents 6480731, 6238338, 6440067, 9351559, 8971983, EP1070479