The Delsys Workshop was held on Tuesday July 5th 2016 at the International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology (ISEK) in Chicago (USA).

The workshop showcased how latest Delsys technology – including the Trigno™ IM and dEMG System – are being used to rethink movement measurement.

Dr. Joshua C. Kline (Delsys Inc., USA) gave an introduction of the role of Delsys Research & Products in the era of wearable sensors. Application specific talks from perspectives in the field we provided by Prof. Jim Richards (University of Central Lancashire) on using Trigno™ IM for intervention and practical applications and Prof. Jason DeFreitas (Oklahoma State University) on the utility of dEMG for noninvasive assessment of motor unit action potential morphology.

We thank all of the attendees for their participation.