We are pleased to announce that one of our recent research publications appearing in the Journal of Biomechanics was cited as being among the Top 25 most downloaded articles (announced 8/7/2015 for the previous 90-days).

The article, entitled “Filtering the surface EMG signal: Movement artifact and baseline noise contamination” [J Biomech, 43 (8): 1573- 1579, 2010], was co-authored by current Delsys team members Dr. Carlo De Luca and Dr. Serge Roy, as well as previous members Don Gilmore and Michael Kuznetsov. The study provides empirically-based guidelines for selecting the high-pass corner frequency for filtering movement artifact and baseline noise contamination from the sEMG signal. Based on the relationship between the attenuation rates of movement artifact and the sEMG signal as a function of different high-pass filter settings, a corner frequency of 20 Hz and a slope of 12 dB/oct was recommended for general use. The findings are relevant to biomechanical and clinical applications where the measurements of body dynamics and kinematics may include movement and baseline artifact sources.

Delsys is unique in supporting an in-house team of seasoned researchers and engineers dedicated to establishing much-needed empirically-based guidelines for sEMG development and use. Please refer to our Knowledge Center for this and related guidelines and publications.