We are pleased present our new partners whom will be supporting Delsys in France. Trinoma, a young tech company created in 2013, provides measurement, instrumentation and analysis solutions to the life sciences, medical and engineering fields. Based in the French Massif Central, Trinoma’s team comprises engineers and doctors with 10+ years of experience in experimental metrology and engineering.

Trinoma is a key integration and distribution partner for both the leading motion capture systems manufacturer Qualisys, as well as C-Motion, another global leader with unique biomechanics modelling software like Visual3D.

Additionally, Trinoma strives to serve the biomechanics, cognitive science, robotics, civil and naval engineering communities with the ultimate choice and value in instrumentation accessories, consumables and custom products.

We encourage all our customers to engage with Trinoma where the team will be happy to hear from you and support you.