Business of Biotech’s Q&A with our V.P of Product Development , Gianluca De Luca.

What is your company’s lead product or technology?

Delsys Inc. and its research subsidiary Altec Inc. are located in Natick, Massachusetts; approximately 20 miles from Boston. We are world leaders in the design, manufacture, and marketing of a broad portfolio of high performance physiological and biomotion sensors used in human movement research, education, and clinical sciences. Since our inception in 1993 we have focused on solving the engineering challenges associated with wearable physiologic sensors while retaining ease-of-use. Our technology provides a wireless capability for measuring human muscle activity and movement that is employed in over 85 countries and thousands of laboratories. Our systems have been integrated with software to solve a broad spectrum of applications from basic kinesiological studies and sports applications, to precision decomposition for studying the control properties of individual motor unit firings. Delsys has been assisting the biomedical community worldwide to unleash their ideas into reality by delivering advanced sEMG, dEMG technologies and software solutions that are based on the conclusive results of extensive research experience and R&D leadership.

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