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Please note that the Delsys offices (US, Europe, China and Japan) remain open to offer support to our customers and partners. We are operating with minimized manufacturing, sales and technical activities in order to support our staff and their families, however we are available to offer you any support during this time.

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Trigno Maize

16-ch semi HDsEMG Trigno Avanti sensors delivering data-driven images of muscles in real time during dynamic movements.

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Trigno Avanti Mobile

Monitor Muscle Performance and Recovery. Anytime. Anywhere.

EMG + Movement Assessment Kits for Research, Clinical and Teaching Applications.

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Delsys Family of Products

Complete Solutions for Human Movement

Delsys EMG biofeedback systems have made homes in research and clinical institutions across the globe because they are reliable, easy to use, and provide maximum value for human movement recordings. From traditional desktop EMG biofeedback devices to advanced wireless EMG+IMU and grid systems, the Delsys product family uses research-based proprietary technology ensuring accurate, high-quality results every single time.

Delsys June 2019 - July 2020 Catalog

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Delsys Intern Introduction! Hunter Wintle is continuing his work with us as a Software Engineer Intern from @wentworthinst. Hunter is focusing on User Interface implementations of next generation software that is currently in development. delsysinc photo

Delsys Intern Introduction! Krishnan Giridharan joins us as a Mechanical Systems Engineering Intern from @WPI. Krishnan is characterizing and developing methods and strategies for manufacturing flexible electronics and interfaces. delsysinc photo

Delsys Intern Introduction! Simon Mekonen joins us as a Software Engineer Intern from @UMassAmherst. Simon is focusing on implementing control and testing schemes for manufacturing methods related to new products. delsysinc photo

Altec Intern Introduction! Jenna Ryan joins us as a Research Engineer Intern from @ClarksonUniv. Jenna is assisting the research team in the development of real-time signal decomposition and processing algorithms. delsysinc photo

Skeleton and EMG Tracking Made Easy: Integration of Delsys EMG with BoB-4-Delsys. Record #EMG and #movement data with Trigno #wearablesensors and analyze with BoB-4-Delsys, a biomechanical analysis package for human musculoskeletal modeling. Learn more: delsysinc photo

Join us as part of @biomechstu and @ISBSOFFICIAL lecture series tomorrow to learn more about #EMG in #Sports #Biomechanics! #Education
delsysinc photo
Stuart McErlain-Naylor @biomechstu
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