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Trigno Discover

Stream real-time EMG and movement data.

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Trusted by 10K Research Laboratories & Clinics

Represented in 96 Countries

Wireless Biofeedback System

Trigno EMG

Specifically designed for a range of human movement studies.

Trigno Research System

Our flagship system for reliable, synchronized EMG + IMU recordings in research facilities.

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Trigno Lite System

Low profile, entry-level EMG system that yields robust, research-worthy results.

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NeuroMap System

Motor unit acquisition capabilities to study how the neural system controls movement.

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Advantages of Delsys Technology

Stream up to 32 channels of Wireless EMG

Patented Parallel Bar Technology

Fixed inter-electrode distance

High Fidelity

Compatible with the entire Trigno Ecosystem

On-board IMU

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