In 1993, Prof. Carlo J De Luca of Boston University had been researching myoelectric activity for over two decades, dedicating his life to understanding how to capture such profound information simply and effectively.

With a high-quality EMG signal, scientists worldwide could investigate the causes and effects of diseases, evaluate abnormal movements, and overall improve health worldwide. All that was missing were the proper tools.

From this need came the birth of a new company – Delsys. With equipment design steeped in research-based evidence and the right personnel with an obsession for excellence, Delsys championed its high-quality EMG and touted its practicality in any type of human movement field.
Fast-forwarding to today, Delsys has become a world leader in wearable sensor technology, enabling researchers in over 80 countries to uncover the mysteries of human movement and continually pushing boundaries through our own ground-breaking research.
Here, you can take a look back at the innovative history of Delsys, where you’ll find that our story begins and continues thanks to our willingness to discover, invent, and improve technology to move science forward.