New generation wireless 64–channel HDsEMG biofeedback array system designed for mobility.

With a soft 64-electrode interface with built-in technology for noise and motion artifact rejection and plug-and play configuration, the Tiber™ system provides researchers and clinicians with high quality EMG signals in a configuration that is reliable and easy to use. Its conformable and lightweight design is ideally suited for investigating human movement in sports medicine, rehabilitation, ergonomics and robotics applications where mobility is a premium.

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Noise rejection technology for high-fidelity EMG signals

Highly conformable electronics for robust skin-electrode contact

Multiple sensor geometries for versatile research applications

Lightweight and fully wireless sensor design ideally suited for movement studies

Disposable adhesive interface for seamless application


# Channels
64, expandable to 128

A/D Resolution
16 Bits

Dynamic Range
11 mV

Noise Baseline

Sampling Rate
2000 samples/sec

10-450 Hz

< -80 dB

Hours of operation

Storage Capacity
32 GB + (min 4 hours operation)

USB or WiFi

Wireless Transmission
802.11x continuous data streaming of all channels

Target Dimensions
40mm x 30mm x 20mm

Target Mass

Compliance FCC/EU requirements • IEC60601-1-2 EMC standards • IEC60601-1 Medical Standard