As part of an educative collaboration with Asst. Professor Zhi Li (Robotics Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA), Altec researchers Bhawna Shiwani and John Chiodini delivered first lecture in a 4 lecture series under the Synergy of Human and Robotic Systems course at WPI. Stay tuned for next lectures from Altec under this series…

Date: September 30th to October 9th (4 lecture series) at WPI


WPI graduate level course “Synergy of Human and Robotic Systems”, Lecture Title “Sensing Physiological Signals for Human-Robot Interaction”

Remaining Schedule:

  • Lecture 2: Processing Physiological Signals for Human -Robot Applications, Oct 2
  • Lecture 3: From EMG to motor units: Assessing the Neural Control of Movement, Oct 7
  • Lecture 4: Physiological Signals for Human-Robot Interaction Case Study: Muscle Fatigue, Oct 9