Sample of Publications Using Delsys Products

ProductYearArticle TitleAuthorsAffiliationJournalPublication DateImpact Factor
Trigno2019EMG Based Short-Term and Long-Term Analysis of Muscle Fatigue Derived from an Endurance Based Exercise RegimenS Ramanarayanan2019
Trigno2019Coupling of motor oscillators ? What really happens when you chew gum and walk?Samulski B
Prebor J
Armitano C
Morrison S
Old Dominion UniversityNeuroscience Letters2019 April
Trigno2019Postural and Metabolic Benefits of Using a Forearm Support Walker in Older Adults With ImpairmentsJayaraman C et alNorthwestern UniversityArchives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation2019 April
Trigno2019Is the motor unit mean firing rate versus recruitment threshold relationship linear?KK Harmon
RM Girts
RJ MacLennan
MS Stock
Physiological Measurement2019 August
Trigno2019Estimation of Fatigue Status by sEMG Signal Using SVM Algorithm in Massage Assessment
D Long
X Wang
M Tian
Y Mao
Y He
Southeast UniversityIEEE2019 August
Trigno2019The effect of rate of torque development on motor unit recruitment and firing rates during isometric voluntary trapezoidal contractions
JD Miller
CJ Lund
MD Gingrich
KL Schtul
ME Wray
TJ Herda
Experimental Brain Research2019 August
Trigno2019The value of tibial mounted inertial measurement units to quantify running kinetics in elite football (soccer) players. A reliability and agreement study using a research orientated and a clinically orientated systemHughes T
Jones RK
Starbuck C
Sergeant JC
Callaghan MJ
University of ManchesterJournal of Electromyography and Kinesiology2019 February
Trigno2019Hip joint muscle forces during gait in patients with femoroacetabular impingement syndrome are associated with patient reported outcomes and cartilage compositionSamaan MA
Zhang AL
Popovic T
Pedoia V
Majumdar S
Souza RB
University of California San FranciscoJournal of Biomechanics2019 February
Trigno2019The Use of Wearable Sensors for the Movement Assessment on Muscle Contraction Sequences in Post-Stroke Patients during Sit-to-StandHsu WC
Chang CC
Lin YJ
Yang FC
Lin LF
Chou KN
National Taiwan University of Science and TechnologySensors2019 February
Trigno2019Influence of Chronic Stroke on Functional Arm Reaching: Quantifying Deficits in the Ipsilesional Upper ExtremitySubramaniam S
Varghese R
Bhatt T
University of Illinois at ChicagoRehabilitation Research and Practice2019 January
Walking With a Robotic Exoskeleton Does Not Mimic Natural Gait: A Within-Subjects Study
Swank C
Wang-Price S
Gao F
Almutairi S
Texas Woman's UniversityJMIR Rehabilitation Assistive Technology2019 January
Trigno2019Gait variability following abrupt removal of external stabilization decreases with practice in incomplete spinal cord injury but increases in non-impaired individualsWu MM
Brown GL
Kim J
Gordon KE
Northwestern UniversityJournal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation2019 January
Trigno2019Reliability of traditional and task specific reference tasks to assess peak muscle activation during two different sprint cycling testsKordi M
Folland J
Goodall S
Barratt P
Howatson G
Northumbria UniversityJournal of Electromyography and Kinesiology2019 June
Trigno2019The between-day reliability of peroneus longus EMG during walkingReeves J
Jones R
Liu A
Bent L
Nester C
University of SalfordJournal of Biomechanics2019 March
Trigno2019Comparison of Shoulder Protraction Strength and Electromyography Activity of Serratus Anterior and Pectoralis Major in Subjects With or Without a Winged ScapulaKim JS
Kim MH
Ahn DH
INJE UniversityJournal of Sport Rehabilitation2019 March
Trigno2019Women in motorsport: A case report of driving posture and performance after double mastectomyRosalie SM
Malone JM
Curtin UniversityPhysical Therapy in Sport2019 March
Trigno2019Comparison of hip extensor muscle activity including the adductor magnus during three prone hip extension exercisesKo HK
Jeon SY
Kim SH
Park KN
Jeonju UniversityPhysiotherapy Theory and Practice2019 March
Trigno2019A Comparison of Muscular Activity During Gait Between Walking Sticks and a Walker in Patients With Adult Degenerative ScoliosisHaddas R
Lieberman IH
Kakar RS
Texas Back InstituteSpine Deformity2019 May
Trigno2019Ankle bracing's effects on lower extremity iEMG activity, force production, and jump height during a Vertical Jump Test: An exploratory studyHenderson ZJ
Sanzo P
Zerpa C
Kivi D
Lakehead UniversityPhysical Therapy in Sport2019 May
Trigno2019Comparison of gluteus medius and minimus activity during gait in people with hip osteoarthritis and matched controlsZacharias A
Pizzari T
Semciw AI
English DJ
Kapakoulakis T
Green RA
La Trobe UniversityScandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports2019 May
Trigno2019Beta-band motor unit coherence and nonlinear surface EMG features of the first dorsal interosseous muscle vary with force
L McManus
MW Flood
MM Lowery
University of KansasJournal of Neurophysiology2019 September
Trigno2018EMG Pattern Recognition in the Era of Big Data and Deep LearningAngkoon Phinyomark
Erik Scheme
University of New BrunswickBig Data and Cognitive Computing1-Aug-18
Trigno2018Effect of Kinesio Taping and Proprioception Training on Pain, Neck Disability, Craniovertebral Angle, and Muscle Activity in Forward Head PostureHyo Jin Yoo
Jung Hyun Choi
Journal of International Academy of Physical Therapy Research1-Dec-18
Trigno2018Optimization of Sensor Placement Combinations and Classification Thresholds for the Accelerometer-Based Activity RecognitionKwon, Yuri
Ho, Yeji
Heo, Jae-Hoon
Jeon, Hyung-Min
Kim, Jiwon
Eom, Gwang-Moon
Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics1-Jan-18
Trigno2018Textile Electrodes Embedded in Clothing: A Practical Alternative to Traditional Surface Electromyography when Assessing Muscle Excitation during Functional MovementsSteffi L. Colyer
Polly M. McGuigan
University of BathJournal of Sports Science and Medicine1-Mar-181.33
Trigno2018Evaluation of Gait Asymmetry Using Force Places Versus AccelerometerRana Karimpour
Rebecca L. Krupenevich
Ross H. Miller
Jae Kun Shim
University of MarylandJournal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology1-Mar-180.468
Trigno2018Muscular coordination of movements associated with arrow release in archeryDeniz Simsek
Ali O. Cerrah
Hayri Ertan
Ruhi A. Soylu
Anadolu University and Hacettepe UniversitySouth African Journal for Research in Sport, Physical Education and Recreation1-Nov-18
Trigno2018Averaged EMG signal models obtained in cyclic processesMonika Selegrat
ÿJacek J. Dusza
ÿZbigniew M. Wawrzyniak
Warsaw University of TechnologyPhotonics Applications in Astronomy, Communications, Industry, and High-Energy PhysicsÿExperiments1-Oct-18
Trigno2018Effects of spinal cord stimulation on postural control in Parkinson's disease patients
2 with freezing of gait
Andrea Cristina de Lima-Pardini
Daniel Boari Coelho
Carolina Pinto de Souza
Carolina Oliveira Souza
Maria Gabriela dos Santos Ghilardi
Tiago Garcia
Mariana Voos
Matija Milosevic
Clement Hamani
Luis Augusto Teixeira
Erich Talamoni Fonoff
Federal University of ABCeLife2-Aug-187.616
Trigno2018Comparative Analysis of Surface Electromyography Features on Bilateral Upper Limbs for Stroke Evaluation: AÿPreliminary StudyHongzeÿJiang
Yang Li
Yu Zhou
Honghai Liu
Jiao Tong UniversityInternational Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications3-Aug-18
Trigno2018Monitoring human neuromusculoskeletal system performance during spacesuit glove use: A pilot studyKaci E. Madden
Dragan Djurdjanovic
Ashish D. Deshpande
The University of Texas2018 IEEE Aerospace Conference3-Mar-18
Trigno2018MEMS Inertial Sensors Based Gait Analysis for Rehabilitation Assessment via Multi-Sensor FusionSen Qiu
Long Liu
Hongyu Zhao
Zhelong Wang
Yongmei Jiang
Dalian Univeristy of Technology
Dalian Medical University
Dalian Neusoft University of Information
Trigno2018Tendinous Tissue Adaptation to Explosive- vs. Sustained-Contraction Strength TrainingGarry J. Massey
Thomas G. Balshaw
Thomas M. Maden-Wilkinson
Neale A. Tillin
ÿJonathan P. Folland
Loughborough UniversityFrontiers in Physiology4-Sep-182.089
Trigno2018Multiple-Wearable-Sensor-Based Gait Classification and Analysis in Patients with Neurological DisordersWei-Chun Hsu
Tommy Sugiarto
Yi-Jia Lin
Fu-Chi Yang
Zheng-Yi Lin
Chi-Tien Sun
Chun-Lung Hsu
Kuan-Nien Chou
Taiwan UniversitySensors6-Oct-182.475
Trigno2018Estimation of Time-Varying Coherence Amongst Synergistic Muscles During Wrist MovementsGuiting Hu
Wenjuan Yang
Xiaoling Chen
Wenjing Qi
Xinxin Li
Yihao Du
Ping Xie
Yanshan University
University of New South Wales
Beijing Normal University
Frontiers in Neuroscience7-Aug-183.566
Trigno2018Intra-rater reliability of hip abductor isometric strength testing in a standing position in older fallers and non-fallersAnne-Violette Bruynee
Simone C. Gafner
Serge Ferrari
Gabriel Gold
Dominique Monnin
Philippe Terrier
Caroline H. Bastiaenen
Lara Allet
University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western SwitzerlandEuropean Review of Aging and Physical Activity7-Aug-18
Trigno2018A wearable resistive robot facilitates locomotor adaptations during gaitWashabaugh
Edward P
University of MichiganRestorative Neurology and Neuroscience8-Mar-18
Trigno2018A wearable resistive robot facilitates locomotor adaptations during gaitUniversity of MichiganRestorative Neurology and Neuroscience8-Mar-18
Trigno2018Diagnosis of Compressed Nerve Root in Lumbar Disc Herniation Patients by Surface ElectromyographyWei Li
Yan-cheng Liu
Chen-fan Zheng
Jun Miao
Hui Chen
Hai-Ying Quan
Song-hua Yan
Kuan Zhang
Capital University of Medical SciencesOrthopaedic Surgery9-Feb-181.215
Trigno2018Safer chairs for elderly patients: design evaluation using electromyography and force measurementShabboo Valipoor
Debajyoti Pati
Matt S. Stock
Doug Bazuin
University of Florida Texas Tech University University of Central Florida Herman Miller
Trigno2018Effects of deep breathing on internal oblique and multifidus muscle activity in three sitting posturesMin-Joo Ko
Eun-Joo Jung
Moon-Hwan Kim
Inje University
Wonju Severance Christain Hospital
The Journal of Physical Therapy Science9-Jan-18
Trigno2018Adductor magnus: An EMG investigation into proximal and distal portions and direction specific actionMatthew L. Benn
Tania Pizzari
Leanne Rath
Kylie Tucket
Adam I. Semciw
University of Queensland
La Trobe University Sports and Exercise Medicine Research Centre
Princess Alexandra Hospital
Clinical Anatomy9-Mar-181.908
Trigno2018Electromyographic analysis in upper limbs of Brazilian air force flight instructors submitted to maneuvers in a T-27 force simulatorBezerra TAR
Guindani G.
Campos FAD
Romero R.
Santiago PRP
Brazilian Air Force
Brazilian Air Force University
University of Sao Paulo
Aeronautics and Aerospace Open Access Journal9-May-18
Trigno2018Muscles Activation During Forward LungeMohd Yusof Baharuddin
Ng Woon Shih
Chan Ting Kai
Jia Chengli
Fazri Wasli
Journal of Sports Science and Physical Education10-Jan-18
Trigno2018Local dynamic stability during gait for predicting falls in elderly people: A one-year prospective studyLucia Bizovska
Zdenek Svoboda
Miroslav Janura
Maria Cristina Bisi
Nicolas Vuillerme
Palacky University OlomousPlos One10-May-182.766
Trigno2018Changes in spinal stiffness with chronic thoracic pain: Correlation with pain and muscle activityIsabelle Page
Francois Nougarou
Arnaud Lardon
Martin Descarreaux
L'Universite du Quebec a Trois-RivieresPlos One11-Dec-182.766
Trigno2018Safer chairs for elderly patients: design evaluation using electromyography and force measurementShabboo Valipoor
Debajyoti Pati
Matt S. Stock
Doug Bazuin
University of Florida
Texas Tech University
University of Central Florida
Herman Miller Inc.
Trigno2018On using wearable tri-axial accelerometers to examine the striking phase kinematics of expert specialist drag flickers on-fieldSimon M. Rosalie
Weng I. Tang
Andrew S. McIntyre
Stacey Stockman
Craig King
Cameron Watkins
Catherine Yvette Wild
Leo Ng
Curtin UniversityJournal of Sports Sciences12-Apr-18
Trigno2018Dynamical Coordination of Hand Intrinsic Muscles for Precision Grip in Diabetes MellitusKe Li
Na Wei
Mei Cheng
Xingguo Hou
Jun Song
Shandong UniversityScientific Reports12-Mar-184.122
Trigno2018Dynamical Coordination of Hand Intrinsic Muscles for Precision Grip in Diabetes MellitusKe Li
Na Wei
Mei Cheng
Xingguo Hou
Jun Song
Shandong UniversityScientific Reports12-Mar-184.122
Trigno2018Design and Control of a Transparent Lower Limb ExoskeletonWilianÿM.ÿdosÿSantos
Adriano A. G. Siqueira
University of Sao PauloBiosystems & Biorobotics14-Oct-18
Trigno2018Low-back electromyography (EMG) data-driven load classification for dynamic lifting tasksDeema Totah
Lauro Ojeda
Daniel D. Johnson
Deanna Gates
Emily Mower Provost
Kira Barton
University of MichiganPlos One15-Feb-182.766
Trigno2018Correlation Between Ankle Impedance and EMG SignalsMichigan Technological UniversityBiosystems & Biorobotics16-Oct-18
Trigno2018Consistency of Myoelectric Control Across Multiple SessionsDaniele Borzelli
Sergio Gurgone
Paolo De Psquale
Denise J. Berger
Andrea d'Avella
Universita' degli Studi di MessinaInternational Conference on NeuroRehabilitation16-Oct-18
Trigno2018Feature-Level Fusion of Surface Electromyography for Activity MonitoringXugang Xi
Minyan Tang
Zhizeng Luo
Hangzhou Dianzi UniversitySensors17-Feb-182.475
Trigno2018Analysis the Influence of Heart Rate and Muscle Activity towards Muscle Fatique in Layup WorkersNoor?Ain Azizan
Ruzy Haryati Hambali
Seri Rahayu Kamat
Nur Syafiqah Rayme
Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka
Tokushima University
Journal of Advanced Research in Applied Sciences and Engineering Technology17-Jun-18
Trigno2018Fatigue characteristics of surface electromyography during walkingSeulki Kyeong
Jung Kim
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)2018 18th International Conference on Control, Automation, and Systems (ICCAS) 17-Oct-18
Trigno2018Recurrent Neural Network Based Early Prediction of Future Hand MovementsPhilipp Koch
Huy Phan
Marco Maass
Fabrice Katzberg
Alfred Mertins
University of Lubeck University of Oxford2018 40th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineeering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC)18-Jul-18
Trigno2018A Novel Time-Domain Descriptor for Improved Prediction of Upper Limb Movement Intent in EMG-PR SystemOluwarotimi Williams Samuel, et al.ÿShenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology2018 40th Annual Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society18-Jul-18
Trigno2018Impairment of exercise performance following cold water immersion is not attenuated after 7 days of cold acclimationDoulgas M. Jones
Bart Roelands
Stephen P. Bailey
Michael J. Buono
Romain Meeusen
Vrije Universiteit BrusselEuropean Journal of Applied Physiology19-Mar-182.401
Trigno2018Ergonomics of minimally invasive surgery: an analysis of muscle effort and fatigue in the operating room between laparoscopic and robotic surgeryPriscilaÿR.ÿArmijo
University of Nebraska Medical CenterSurgical Endoscopy19-Oct-18
Trigno2018Assessment of Dry Epidermal Electrodes for Long-Term Electromyography MeasurementsMomona Yamagami
Keshia M. Peters
Ivana Milovanovic
Irene Kuang
Zeyu Yang
Nanshu Lu
Katherine M. Steele
University of Washington
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of Texas
Chengdu Rotex Technology Company Ltd
Trigno2018Gait bradykinesia and hypometria decrease as arm swing frequency and amplitude increaseVinicius C.Zampier
Rodrigo Vit¢rio
Victor S. Berettam
Diego A.R. Jaimes
Paulo C.R.Santos
Lilian T.B.Gobbi
Sao Paulo State University
University of Groningen
Neuroscience Letters20-Nov-183.382
Trigno2018Does normalization of voluntary EMG amplitude to MMAX account for the influence of electrode location and adiposity?Marcel B. Lanza
Thomas G. Balshaw
Garry J. Massey
Jonathan P. Folland
Loughborough University
Ministry of Education of Brazil
Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports21-Jul-183.623
Trigno2018A comparison of the effects of different stretching methods on flexibility, muscle activity, and pain threshold in ballet dancers; a preliminary randomized controlled trial.Min Gyun Ko
ÿChang Ho Song
ÿMyung Mo Lee
Daejeon UniversityApplied Physics21-Nov-182.176
Trigno2018Visualization of walking speed variation-induced synchronized dynamic changes in lower limb joint angles and activity of trunk and lower limb muscles with a newly developed gait analysis systemKousei Miura
Hideki Kadone
Masao Koda
Keita Nakayama
Hiroshi Kumagai
Katsuya Nagashima
Kentaro Mataki
Kengo Fujii
Hiroshi Noguchi
Toru Funayama
Tetsuya Abe
Kenji Suzuki
Masashi Yamazaki
University of TsukubaJournal of Orthopaedic Surgery23-Sep-181.125
Trigno2018Development of sEMG sensors and algorithms for silent speech recognitionGeoffrey S Meltzner
James T Heaton
Yunbin Deng
Gianluca De Luca
Serge H Roy
Joshua C Kline
Delsys, Inc.
VocaliD, Inc.
Harvard Medical School
BAE Systems
Journal of Neural Engineering25-Jun-183.92
Trigno2018Characteristics of ataxic gait in familial dysautonomia patientsSigal Portnoy
Channa Maayan
Jeanna Tsenter
Yonah Ofran
Vladimir Goldman
Nurit Hiller
Naama Karniel
Isabella Schwartz
Hebrew University Hadassah Medical SchoolPlos One26-Apr-182.766
Trigno2018The Inverted Muscle Skeleton Approach: Moving Beyond Rigid ExoskeletonsMartijn E. Grootens
Edsko E.G. Hekman
Herman van der Kooij
University of Twente2018th 7th IEEE International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics (Biorob)26-Aug-18
Trigno2018Biomechanical Analysis to Determine Muscle InterventionKostas Gianikellis
Miguel Rodal
R Gutierrez-Horrillo
University of ExtremaduraInternational Society of Biomechanics in Sports26-Nov-18
Trigno2018Ankle Bracing's Effect on Lower Extremeity Electromyographic Activity and Vertical Ground Reaction Force During Jump LandingsZachariah J. Henderson
Paolo Sanzo
Carlos Zerpa
Lakehead UniversityInternational Society of Biomechanics in Sports26-Nov-18
Trigno2018Acute Spatiotemporal and Muscle Excitation Responses to Wearable Lower Limb Loading during Maximal Velocity SprintingOliver Hurst
Liam Kilduff
Michael Johnston
John Cronin
Neil Bezodis
Northern Michigan UniversitInternational Society of Biomechanics in Sports26-Nov-18
Trigno2018The Effects of 21 Days of Hypoxia on Electromyographic Activity Varation in Rowers Pre and Post AltitudeEsteban Aedo Munoz
Chistopher Moya-Jofre
Mauricio Araya-Ibacache
Jorge Cajigal
Universidad de Santiago
Chilean High Performace Center
Universidad Mayor
Federation Chilean Rowing
International Society of Biomechanics in Sports26-Nov-18
Trigno2018Effects of Resting, Consecutive, Long-Duration Water Immersions on Neuromuscular Endurance in Well-Trained MalesChristopher M. Myers
Jeong-Su Kim
Megan Musilli
Kevin McCully
John P. Florian
Florida State University
United States Navy Experimental Driving Unit
University of Georgia
Frontiers in Physiology27-Jul-182.089
Trigno2018Intra- and Inter-Regional Priming of Ipsilateral Human Primary Motor Cortex With Continuous Theta Burst Stimulation Does Not Induce Consistent Neuroplastic EffectsMichael Do
Melissa Kirkovski
Charlotte B. Davies
Soukayna Bekkali
Linda K. Byrne
Peter G. Enticott
Deakin UniversityFrontiers in Human Neuroscience29-Mar-183.209
Trigno2018Promoting global clinical care and research for children with orthopaedic disabilities through motion analysis technologyJacob R. Rammer, et al.Marquette UniversityBiomedical Engineering Faculty Research Publications29-May-18
Trigno2018Impact of rear wheel axle position on upper limb kinematics and electromyography during manual wheelchair useHassanain Ali Lafta
Robert Guppy
Gemma Whatling
Cathy Holt
Cardiff UniversityInternational Biomechanics30-Mar-18
Trigno2018The use of gait analysis in the assessment of patients afflicted with spinal disordersRam Haddas
Kevin L. Ju
Theodore Belanger
Isador H. Lieberman
Texas Back InstituteEuropean Spine JournalAug-182.132
Trigno2018Age-related reversal of spinal excitability during anticipatory postural controlTibor Hortobagyi
LajendaÿE.ÿvan deÿWaardt
Craig D. Tokuno
Wolfgang Taube
Selma Papegaaij
University Medical Center GroningenEuropean Journal of Applied PhysiologyDec-182.401
Trigno2018Sex Differences in 2-DOF Human Ankle Stiffness in Relaxed and Contracted MusclesJessica Trevino
Hyunglae Lee
Arizona State UniversityAnnals of Biomedical EngineeringDec-183.221
Trigno2018Number of Synergies Is Dependent on Spasticity and Gait Kinetics in Children With Cerebral PalsyHashiguchi, Yu
Ohata, Koji
Osako, Sayuri
Kitatani, Ryosuke
Aga, Yumi
Masaki, Mitsuhiro
Yamada, Shigehito
Kyoto UniversityPediatric Physical TherapyJan-180.897
Trigno2018Hip muscle and hand-grip strength to differentiate between older fallers and non-fallers: a cross-sectional validity studySimone C Gafner
Caroline H Bastiaenen
Serge Ferrari
Gabriel Gold
Philippe Terrier
Roger Hilfiker
Lara Allet
University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland
Masstricht University
Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Department of Internal Medicine Specialities
Clinical Interventions in AgingJan-182.651
Trigno2018The Use of the Anchor System Reduces Postural Sway During Upright Standing Irrespective of Plantar Flexors Muscle Fatigue in Young and Older AdultsAndressa Busch Rocha Pereira
Renato Moraes
University of Sao PauloHuman KineticsJul-181.037
Trigno2018Influence of fatigue and velocity on the latency and recruitment order of scapular musclesGuillermo Mendez-Rebolledo
Valeska Gatica-Rojas
Eduardo Guzman-Mu¤oz
Eduardo Martinez-Valdes
Rodrigo Guzman-Venegas
Francisco Jose Berral de la Rosa
Universidad de Talca
Universidad Santo Tomas
University of Birmingham
Universidad Mayor
Univerdidad de Los Andes
Universidad Pablo de Olavida
Physical Therapy in SportJul-18
Trigno2018Circadian dysfunction and fluctuations in gait initiation impairment in Parkinson?s diseaseJulianne Stewart
Gail Bachman
Clarissa Cooper
Lianqi Liu
Sonia Ancoli-Israel
Laila Alibiglou
Rosalind Franklin UniversityExperimental Brain ResearchMar-182.395
Trigno2018Abnormal muscle activation patterns are associated with chronic gait deficits following traumatic brain injurySamuel A.Acu¤a
Mitchell E.Tyler
Yuri P.Danilov
Darryl G.Thelena
University of Wisconsin - MadisonGait & PostureMay-182.273
Trigno2018The Influence of Ambulatory Aid on Lower-Extremity Muscle Activation During GaitMichael Sanders
Anton E. Bowden
Spencer Baker
Ryan Jensen
Brigham Young UniversityHuman Kinetics JournalsMay-181.037
Trigno2018Biomechanical And Physiological Differences Between Two Rowing ErgometersSilvano Zanuso
Giuseppe Fedele
Jonathan Folland
Matthew Black
Simonetta Senni
Horsham Ethan
Paolo Benvenuti
Francesco Cuzzolin
University of Coventry
University of Exeter
University of Padova
University of Verona
Loughborough University
Technogym Scientific Department
Medicine & Science in Sports & ExerciseMay-184.291
Trigno2018A Method to quantify the "cone of economy"Ram Haddas
Isador H. Lieberman
Texas Back InstituteEuropean Spine JournalMay-182.132
Trigno2018The Interferential current therapy (ICT) effects on muscle activity, muscle fatigue and pain of upper trapezius in persons with myofascial pain syndromeHye Rim Suh
Su-Young Lee
Korea University
Baekseok University
International Journal of Pure and Applied MathenaticsNov-18
Trigno2018Force-Length Relationship Modeling of Wrist and Finger Flexor MusclesHugo Hauraix
Benjamin Goislard de Monsabert
Alexis Herbaut
Eric Berton
Laurent Vigouroux
Aix-Marseille University
Decathlon Sports Lab
Medicine & Science in Sports and ExerciseNov-184.291
Trigno2018Changes in training posture induce changes in the chest wall movement and respiratory muscle activation during respiratory muscle trainingJu-Hyeon Jung
Nan-Soo Kim
Gimhae College Catholic University of PusanJournal of Exercise RehabilitationOct-18
Trigno2018Differences in Knee and Hip Adduction and Hip Muscle Activation in Runners With and Without Iliotibial Band SyndromeRobert L. Baker
Richard B. Souza
Mitchell J. Rauh
Michael Fredericson
Michael D. Rosenthal
University of California San Francisco
San Diego University
Stanford University School of Medicine
Emeryville Sports Physical
PM & ROct-181.85
Trigno2018Effects of Exergaming in Cancer Related Fatigue in the Quality of Life and Electromyography of the Middle Deltoid of People with Cancer in Treatment: A Controlled TrialPaulo Furtado de Oliveira
Denise Hollanda Iunes
Ricardo Silva Alves
Jovana Maria de Carvalho
Fl via da Silva Menezes
Leonardo C‚sar Carvalho
Federal University of AlfenasAsian Pacific Journal of Cancer PreventionSep-18
Trigno2018The effect of treadmill geometry on muscle fatigueA.Mastalerz
University of Physical Education WarsawGait & PostureSep-182.273
Trigno2018Influence and benefits of foot orthoses on kinematics, kinetics and muscle activation during step descent taskDouglas Bonif cio
Jim Richards
James Selfe
University of Central Lancashire
Metropolitan University
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Gait & PostureSep-182.273
Trigno2017Neck muscle fatigue differentially alters scapular and humeral kinematics during humeral elevation in subclinical neck pain participants versus healthy controlsZabihhosseinian M
Holmes MWR
Howarth S
Ferguson B
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Brock University
Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology2017 April1.53
Trigno2017Effects of Whole Body Vibration on the Horse: Actual Vibration, Muscle Activity, and Warm-up EffectBuchner HHFB
Zimmer L
Haase L
Perrier J
Peham C
University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
Universite Claude Bernard Lyon
Journal of Equine Veterinary Science2017 April0.29
Trigno2017Can activities of daily living contribute to EMG normalization for gait analysis?Ghazwan A
Forrest SM
Holt CA
Whatling GM
Cardiff UniversityPLOS One2017 April2.806
Trigno2017How Arch Support Insoles Help Persons with Flatfoot on Uphill and Downhill WalkingHuang YP
Kim K
Song CY
Chen YH
Peng HT
Chinese Culture University
Nantong University
Taipei College of Maritime Technology
Journal of Healthcare Engineering2017 April0.965
Trigno2017Changes in gait kinematics and muscle activity in stroke patients wearing various arm slingsHwang YI
Yoon J
Hoseo UniversityJournal of Exercise Rehabilitation2017 April
Trigno2017A comparison of gluteus medius, gluteus minimus and tensor facia latae muscle activation during gait in post-menopausal women with and without greater trochanteric pain syndromeGanderton C
Pizzari T
Harle T
Cook J
Semciw A
La Trobe University
The University of Queensland
Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology2017 April1.53
Trigno2017Electromyographic evaluation of muscle firing patterns in the ridden horse during jumping as an objective method of informing current jump training programmesSt. George LUniversity of Central LancashireN/A2017 April
Trigno2017Effects of prone trunk extension exercise using different fixations and with and without abdominal drawing-in maneuver in healthy individualsKim YWJeonju UniversityThe Journal of Physical Therapy Science2017 April
Trigno2017Ankle and knee biomechanics during normal walking following ankle plantarflexor fatigueHunt MA
Hatfield GL
University of British ColumbiaJournal of Electromyography and Kinesiology2017 August1.53
Trigno2017Repeatability of grasp recognition for robotic hand prosthesis control based on sEMG dataPalermo et alUniversity of Rome2017 International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR)2017 August
Stephenson ML
Iowa State University41 st Annual Meeting of the American Society of Biomechanics2017 August
Trigno2017Complications of trans arterial embolization during the resuscitation of pelvic fracturesRamasamy B et alChristian Medical CollegeInjury2017 December
Trigno2017Effects of Gait Speed of Femoroacetabular Joint ForcesWeinhandl JT
Irmischer BS
Sievert ZA
The University of Tennessee
Old Dominion University
Applied Bionics and Biomechanics2017 February0.47
Trigno2017The Effect of ?Pumping? and ?Nonpumping? Techniques on Velocity Production and Muscle Activity During Field-Based BMX CyclingRylands LP
Hurst HT
Roberts SJ
Graydon RW
University of Derby
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