Natick, MA – June 30 2022 — Delsys, Inc. and Altec, Inc. are pleased to announce Sean Banerjee, PhD as a Scientific Advisor to the Delsys Education Team (DET) and the Altec Research Team.

Dr. Banerjee, Director of the Terascale All-sensing Research Studio (TARS) at Clarkson University brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Delsys and Altec, having spent over a decade on forward looking research work on computer vision, virtual reality (VR), deep learning, computer graphics, and human-computer interaction.

As a long-time user of Delsys EMG technology, Professor Banerjee has been instrumental in bridging EMG-based sensing with VR technology to further our understanding of motor behavior, and to provide novel rehabilitation solutions for movement disorders.

Delsys and Altec are eager to welcome Dr. Banerjee to the team. We look forward to incorporating his unique perspective on the role of VR in treatment outcomes to further our research interests and developments in the interaction between wearable technology and VR-based rehabilitation.

To learn more about Dr. Banerjee and his impactful work, please visit TARS.

Delsys, Inc. is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of research-grade Electromyography (EMG) instruments.

Altec, Inc. is an innovative research group focused on designing groundbreaking technology for movement sciences.

Sean Banerjee
Sean BanerjeeScientific Advisor
Delsys, Inc. and Altec, Inc.