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NEW Trigno Avanti Platform Trigno Platform

Trigno Lite
Simple and robust EMG system

Delsys API
A tool set for accelerating the development of EMG + movement-based research and clinical applications

Meet the new members of the

Software Solutions
Next generation software platform from Delsys, providing powerful and innovative tools to further movement sciences

Trigno Lite Trigno Maize
Trigno Universal

Trigno Universal EMG Kit
Smart, low-cost electromyography kit

Trigno Maize System
High-density sEMG system complete with color mapping software

Trigno Vision
Combine Trigno with body tracking

Trigno Lite Available 2021 Trigno Lite Quote Request Contact Us Potential Applications


Physical Therapy



Configurable, economical wireless EMG system for indoor and outdoor applications What's Included?

2-4 Trigno Sensors
Charge Station
USB Dongle
Desktop apps
12 mm
25 mm

7 mm

27 mm
37 mm
76.2 mm

172.72 mm

53.34 mm
Trigno Universal EMG Kit Available 2021 Trigno Universal EMG Kit Quote Request Contact Us Potential Applications

Student Projects


Smart, low-cost solution for lab projects and custom applications Powered by What's Included?

2-Ch Universal EMG Sensor
Charge Station
USB Dongle
EMGworks Software
Delsys API
75 mm 28.5 mm 9.5 mm 35.5 mm
Trigno Maize System Available 2021 Trigno Maize System Learn More Quote Request Potential Applications

Motor Control



Muscle Activation Symmetry
16-ch HDsEMG sensor for studying regional muscle activation patterns and delivering real-time data driven images What's Included?

1-2 Trigno Maize Sensors
Base Station
EMGworks Software
Maize Software
Delsys API

40 mm
30 mm
10 mm
Trigno Vision Under Development Trigno Vision Quote Request Contact Us Potential Applications


Biomechanics Education

Athletic Training


Posture Analysis
Synchronized EMG + video with body tracking features What's Included?

Trigno Lite or Trigno Research+
Azure Kinect DK
Trigger Module
Azure Kinect DK
Delsys API Learn More Contact Us Potential Applications



A complete tool set for accelerating the development of EMG + movement-based research and clinical applications Powered by Trigno Platform What's Included?

Trigno Lite or Trigno Research+
Choice of Trigno EMG + Movement Sensors
API License
Software Solutions Under Development Software Solutions Contact Us Next generation software platforms from Delsys, providing powerful and innovative tools to further movement sciences Reliable & efficient gait analysis platform powered by Trigno EMG sensors.

Potential Applications

Sports Medicine

Gait Analysis
Simultaneous muscle activation, neural firings, and kinematic signals providing direct access to the signals that drive human movement.

Potential Applications

Muscle Fatigue

Powered by Trigno Platform and Real-time sEMG
EMG Gait App

We Provide Tools to Monitor Human Movement

Delsys manufactures and markets electromyography (EMG) based biomotion solutions for monitoring human movement in research, clinical and educational settings.

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Trigno Research+ System

Our flagship system for reliable, synchronized EMG + IMU recordings in research facilities

Trigno Mobile System

On-the-go tools for research, clinical, and teaching applications

NeuroMap System

Motor unit acquisition capabilities to study how the neural system controls movement

Systems Integration

Seamlessly integrate your Trigno system with 3rd party platforms

Trigno EMG & Movement Sensors

Offers users a full set of physiological and biomechanical monitoring tools to simplify complex research and integrate valuable movement data.

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Trigno Avanti Sensor

Trigno Quattro Sensor

Trigno Galileo Sensor

Trigno Analog Input Adapter

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