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Dr. Yasuharu Koike, Professor at the Institute of Innovative Research at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan), will present his work on: Human Interface based on Musculoskeletal system.

Talk Summary: Our body motion and force interaction are controlled by the muscle force. We have been developing a model of the musculoskeletal system whose inputs are EMG activities and outputs are joint torque. This mathematical musculoskeletal model is useful to estimate joint equilibrium position and joint stiffness from EMG activities. In this talk, I will introduce this model and its applications for human interface.

Dr. Yasuharu Koike

Department of Information and Communications Engineering
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Dr. Yasuharu Koike

Yasuharu Koike received his B.S., M.S., and Dr. Eng. degrees from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan in 1987, 1989, and 1996. From 1989 to 1998, he worked at Toyota Motor Corporation. From 1991 to 1994, he transferred to Advanced Tele-communications Research (ATR) Human Information Processing Laboratories, Kyoto, Japan.

In 1998, he moved to the Precision & Intelligence Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan, where he is currently a professor at the Institute of Innovative Research. His research interests include human motor control theory, human interface, brain machine interface and their applications.

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