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Dr. Mark Latash, Distinguished professor of Kinesiology at the College of Health and Human Development, Pennsylvania State University (USA), will visit Delsys on Friday December 7th to present his research.

Action stability is crucial for everyday movements given the unpredictable external forces and varying intrinsic body states. We have been developing the framework of the uncontrolled manifold hypothesis to study the neural control of action stability in different spaces including spaces of muscle activations. These studies have shown high sensitivity to a range of neurological disorders and even to persons at high risk for such disorders.

Dr. Mark L. Latash

Professor and Director
Motor Control Laboratory
Pennsylvania State University

Mark Latash

Mark Latash is a Distinguished Professor of Kinesiology and Director of the Motor Control Laboratory at the Pennsylvania State University. He was trained in Physics, Physics of Living Systems, and Physiology. His research is focused on the control and coordination of human voluntary movements and movement disorders. He is the author of “Control of Human Movement” (1993), “The Neurophysiological Basis of Movement” (1998, 2008), “Synergy” (2008), “Fundamentals of Motor Control” (2012), and “Biomechanics and Motor Control: Defining Central Concepts” (with Vladimir Zatsiorsky, 2016). In addition, he edited nine books and published over 400 papers in refereed journals. Mark Latash served as the Founding Editor of the journal “Motor Control” (1996-2007) and as President of the International Society of Motor Control (2001-2005). He has served as Director of the annual Motor Control Summer School series since 2004. He is a recipient of the Bernstein Prize in motor control.

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