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Dr. Gerold R. Ebenbichler, Associate Professor at the Vienna Medical University, Austria, will visit Delsys on Tuesday September 14th to present his research on the use of EMG as a biomarker for sarcopenia. His talk “Time-frequency the Surface Electromyogram during Submaximal Cyclic Back Extensions: A Promising Biomarker to Detect Early Signs of Sarcopenia?” will include findings from research performed in healthy controls and chronic low back pain patients

Dr. Gerold R. Ebenbichler

Associate Professor
Vienna Medical University

Dr. Gerold R. Ebenbichler

Gerold R. Ebenbichler received his PhD from the University Clinics of Neurology, University of Vienna, and MD from the University of Innsbruck, Austria. From 1999 to 2000, he was a Research fellow at the NeuroMuscular Research Center of Boston University, Boston, MA. He has been Assistant Medical Director at the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation of the University Hospital of Vienna since 1998; and a Research Associate Professor at the Medical University of Vienna since 2001. His research interests are in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

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