Delsys: 25 Years of Innovation

25 years ago, Prof. Carlo J De Luca sought to start an organization focused on solving engineering challenges associated with wearable EMG sensors.  Now, Delsys is at the forefront of wearable sensor technology, constantly pushing boundaries to help researchers and clinicians worldwide understand and solve human movement problems.

Learn more about the history of Delsys by visiting our Company Timeline here, and check out what we’ve been up to in 2018 below!

Trigno™ Galileo Sensor

Trigno™ Galileo Sensor + Software

The Trigno™ Galileo Sensor and software brings dEMG technology to the wireless Trigno™ platform.

The new sensor and software together enable the decomposition of EMG signals collected from natural movements, giving users a deeper look into neuromuscular control and regulation.

Learn more about this new technology and let us know how you’d like to use it for your work here.


Android Apps for Trigno™ Avanti

Leveraging the new Trigno™ Avanti platform’s Bluetooth capabilities, Delsys is developing several Android-based apps for a simplified experience.

This new technology delivers valuable EMG + IMU biofeedback in a modest package, suitable for clinicians and researchers alike that require hassle-free setup and fast results.

Learn more about the upcoming apps and send us recommendations for tablet-based tools here.

Meet our new President – Gianluca De Luca

Mr. Gianluca De Luca, an extraordinary engineer who is instrumental in developing our groundbreaking technology, has been formally promoted to President of Delsys, Inc.

After graduating with his MS in Electrical/Biomedical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick, Mr. De Luca started at Delsys in 1997 as a Research Engineer, building the early Bagnoli-2 EMG systems by hand and exploring avenues for expanding the Bagnoli’s capabilities.

Mr. De Luca was eventually promoted to Manager and later VP of Product Development, during which he was responsible for the design and manufacture of Delsys’ Trigno Wireless System, an advanced EMG system that is known worldwide for its versatility and robust wireless protocol.

Since joining, Mr. De Luca has been the lead engineer on all major Delsys innovations and products; has appeared on numerous Delsys and Altec publications; and has been instrumental in securing several grants and key collaborations for Delsys.

There is no other person that is as deserving of this position as Mr. De Luca. We at Delsys appreciate everything that he has done to push our organization forward, and we look forward to seeing what new frontiers he will lead us to next.

Delsys Europe: 1 Year

2018 marks the first full year of operation for Delsys Europe! Operating out of Manchester, UK, Delsys Europe helps people in movement sciences across Europe solve their research challenges by providing world leading wearable sensor technology and expert consultation.

An Inside Look of Delsys on National Biomechanics Day

Over 40 students from local universities visited our Delsys headquarters during our first ever open house on April 11th, 2018, coinciding with the annual National Biomechanics Day.

The students interacted with the staff members of Delsys, Altec and the De Luca Foundation during engaging demo sessions and presentations involving:

  • Human-Machine Interfaces
  • Performance and movement disorder monitoring
  • Sub-vocal EMG assessment
  • dEMG
  • Manufacturing processes behind Delsys technology

Pictures and a brief video can be viewed here.