Mechanical Systems Engineer

We are seeking a motivated candidate with a strong interest in the design and application of wearable sensors and instruments for measuring human performance. Current needs are focused on designing next-generation sensors and devices, as well as developing and controlling test apparatus for manufacturing these products. The candidate will be working with the hardware development and manufacturing teams to introduce new production concepts and methods for manufacturing our next generation of wearable sensors, as well as restructuring existing methods to increase output capacity. The company embraces a cross disciplinary approach towards engineering and is focused on being an industry leader of wearable and portable instrumentation for physiological monitoring. This position will expose the candidate to real-world manufacturing challenges which bridge several engineering disciplines, including electrical, mechanical, computer/software and human factors fields. Candidates must have a proven track record of solving multi-disciplinary challenges and must exhibit a strong passion for engineering. The position will require exploratory activities to inform manufacturing strategies, as well as delivering on key tasks for existing products in distribution. The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated affinity for analytical thinking, pragmatic problem-solving and hands-on understanding of design processes.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assist engineering in designing and building mechanical prototypes for research, product development and manufacturing needs.
  • Assist engineering in developing novel methods for measuring and combining force metrics with neural/EMG signals.
  • Assist engineering in performing verification, validation and documentation activities for manufacturing instruments and processes.
  • Explore materials and novel packaging designs for existing and new products
  • Assist the engineering and research teams in data gathering experiments and data analysis and reporting for production and prototype products.

Required Qualifications

The Candidate must:

  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree in mechanical, biomedical or similar engineering program.
  • Have a strong understanding of CAD design and additive manufacturing methods
  • Have a strong interest in all aspects of product design from ideation through release.
  • Demonstrate the ability to solve problems independently

Preferred Qualifications

Have some prior internship or co-op experience in industry

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