Software Activation

Existing Trigno System Users: A base station firmware update may be required to use Trigno Discover. Please download the latest Trigno System Update Tool. Follow this tutorial to update to the latest base station firmware version. Additional software and firmware compatibility information can be found at this guide.

1 Download Trigno Discover (1.4.2).
If you have been assigned a license from within your organization via email, you only need to complete this step.

2 Complete the form below to update the trial license to a full license.

This step requires the Access Code included in your order.

  • Orders from Delsys, Inc.: The Access Code may be found on the Trigno Wireless Biofeedback System User’s Guide, on the packing slip, or provided digitally for non-hardware purchases.
  • Orders from a Delsys distributor: Please contact your Delsys distributor if assistance is needed in locating the Access Code.
  • Order from Delsys Europe: The Access Code will be provided digitally (email), and also may be found on the Trigno User’s Guide.

The trial license will be updated to a full license within 2 business days.

Orders from Delsys Inc. (USA): found on the packing slip or provided digitally if purchased without hardware. For orders from a Delsys distributor, please refer to their software delivery process or contact as needed.
The contact provided will be set as the License Manager of the software. The License Manager can manage the license and assign additional user licenses in the LicenseSpring platform.
Please enter the same email that was used to start the trial license.